July 18th, 2013 at 10:30 PM

i dig me some fall out boy.

patrick’s melodies. his voice. that kid could sing you
the phone book and you’d be moved… and i’ve been
jealous of pete’s lyrics for years. “i’m coming apart at
the seams, pitching myself for leads in other people’s
dreams”. “i thought i loved you, but it was just how you
looked in the light.” i mean, are you serious!?! ugh.
i could go on for pages…

patrick & i have a song we started writing for me called
‘peacock strut.’ it’s gonna kill when it’s done. for now
though, i decided to cover this one.


'last of the great pretenders' out now - grab a copy:

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    Can we take a minute to appreciate my favorite singer singing a song from one of my favorite bands? Yes, yes we can.
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    two of my favorites!!

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