new song: "Long Distance Runner"

hello beautiful people… NEW SONG TIME!!!!

no better way to celebrate a friday than to release another new song from my album “sings his sad heart”! (out Oct 5th! pre-order it over at
this time, it’s a song called “long distance runner”. i wrote a bit about it below. dig in & enjoy!!



nolan and i wrote most of "long distance runner" in los angeles. the title's a nod to this sea wolf song i love.

we tracked most of it @ crush in NYC. during recording, whenever things started to get good, amir & adam would bust into these absurd dance moves… just totally throwing shapes. it was HILARIOUS... that happened a lot with this song. i think it’s cause the kick drum is so ruling… and because amir’s background vocals make every song feel like sly & the family stone.

i went back to los angeles to finish up the track with stacy & craig.  stacy’s buddy laid down the rad “graceland” bass part which tied the whole thing together for me. made it feel like a living, breathing organism. stacy's tireless like that... always down for making the song better.

the lyrics took me a while. screwdriver work. but i’m super proud of them:

“grew up believing love was a grudge / and home was a place where you lived with your guard up.”

“people keep saying memories fade / mine are all drunk and they just keep calling”

i’ve spent most of my life with my past hanging around my neck (kinda like a big, unfun flavor flav clock.) less and less as the years go by, but still… i think the hardest work we do is unbraiding ourselves from habits that don’t work for us anymore and clearing space in our lives to just enjoy the moments we’re in.

very psyched for you to finally hear this song!

click the link to hear “long distance runner”.


Emily Antonicci