"Sings His Sad Heart" // OUT NOW!!


big day.

i called the album “sings his sad heart” because i was trying to be funny about the fact that almost all the songs are about loss. i don’t know why either, because my life is real full of beauty these days. not a lot of loss going on. i guess i’ve got some deep seated stuff i still need to work on... or maybe i got it all out with these songs. who knows, we’ll see.

i’m proud of this record. i’m proud of all of them, actually, but this one is the only one i've ever made that i like listening to. so that’s real fun! from the first claps of “mine” to the reverbed out background vocals in “sadness,” i still get swept up in it. most of the time, when i listen, i forget it’s me. my inner assassins take a nap and i can just enjoy it. that's probably the highest compliment i can give the album…. i forget i’m involved. ha.

"my friend lynn said “your problem is you let other people's music save you, but you don’t let your own music save you.” harsh but true. i’m working on it, though, lynn. and this feels like a good first step."

and so, ladies and gentleman, without further ado, i present to you my 9th(!!!!) studio album:

"matt nathanson sings his sad heart

Emily Antonicci